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Book Fair: Upcoming Winter, 2023


If your class has Library during the Book Fair, they will be provided with an opportunity to visit the Book Fair during their library class.
If your class does not have Library Class during the Book Fair, you may:
a. Escort your class down to visit whenever it is convenient for you. (You must remain with your class.)
b. Send up to 5 students at a time, with a note, to visit the book fair. Book Fair volunteers will assist them.
Red Clover Book Award Nominees 2022-2023
Explore this year's Red Clover Book Award Nominees! Available through our physical library and our Sora online library. 

Red Clover Book Award Winner 2021-2022

We are pleased to announce that The Barnabus Project, by the Fan Brothers is the recipient of the 2022 recipient of the Vermont Red Clover Book Award! For more information about the book, please see Titlepeek! You may check out a copy of The Barnabus Project via our Sora app or sign out a physical book via our Destiny Discover Catalog.
Caldecott Award Winner
We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the Caldecott Award this year is VT's own Jason Chin for his amazing artwork in the book, Watercress! For more information about Jason Chin and his artwork, please click VPR Interview. For more information about the book, please see Titlepeek! You may check out a copy of Watercress via our Sora app or sign out a physical book via our Destiny Discover Catalog.
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Library Update Aug. 2023
Fall 2023-2024
Winter 2023-2024
Spring 2023-2024
The following books are highly recommended by your library professionals as being quality pieces of literature. All books are available through our physical book collection via Destiny Discover and via our ebook and audiobook app, Sora.
Written by:  Andrea Wang, Illustrated by: Jason Chin
The Undefeated
Written by: Kwame Alexander, Illustrated by: Kadir Nelson
Fry Bread
Written by: Kevin Noble Maillard, Illustrated by: Juana Martinez-Neal
When Aidan Became a Brother
Written by: Kyle Lukoff, Illustrated by: Kaylani Juanita
Before She was Harriet
Written by: Lesa Cline-Ransome, Illustrated by: James Ransome
Are you interested in what Mrs. Eddy reads professionally? Check out my Goodreads page where I curate and review books that I am reading with the goal of meeting student needs and interests.
Please let your needs be known! You may make recommendations for books, materials, and resources that should be included in our library! You may make recommendations verbally or by emailing your librarian at [email protected]. Check your library frequently for new arrivals or find them on Destiny Discover's Recently Added Books collection.
Free Swank Movie Streaming : In support of the Library Service and Technology Act, the VT Department of Libraries has provided a FREE movie streaming service to schools! Thousands of films have been made available to educators to support in-person and virtual learning lesson plans. Follow the Swank Movie Streaming link to learn more.


Click on the link above for SWANK teacher and student login and password information.
Able Library: Looking for books to serve particular needs? Explore Vermont's ABLE library! Our Vermont State Library networks with the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) to provide Audio, Braille, Large-print, and Electronic books to our VT patrons. Click on the Vermont State Library Website to learn more.
Epic: Teachers can open a free Epic! account and create up to 36 profiles for students.  Access thousands of e-books and audiobooks at appropriate reading and development levels for elementary students.  The high-quality audiobooks allow for students to turn the pages and follow along as they listen to the professional readers.  

CultureGrams offers maps, videos, interviews, statistics, and other resources and research materials covering over 200 countries around the world!

You can access these databases by clicking here (ProQuest CultureGrams).


Vermont Online Library

The MES Library provides access to the Vermont Online Library which hosts a wide range of databases that can be used for research purposes.

You can access these databases by clicking here (VOL).


Gale in Context: Elementary

Gale In Context: Elementary is part of the Vermont Online Library. It provides easily searchable and accessible options for researchers! 
You can access this database by clicking here (Gale in Context: Elementary).
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