PreK - Act 166

What is Act 166?

During the 2014 Legislative Session, Act 166 was passed and signed into law by Governor Shumlin. Act 166 provides universal publicly-funded prekindergarten for 10 hours per week for 35 weeks annually for all 3, 4, and 5 year old children who are enrolled in a prequalified prekindergarten program. 

How do I know if a prekindergarten program is prequalified?

Programs become prequalified through an approval process through the VT Agency of Education and VT Agency of Human Resources. Families can find prequalified programs by visiting the Bright Futures Information Systems at: and selecting “Find a Provider”. Under the “Accreditation or approved prequalified preschool program” drop down, select “prequalified PreK program”.  

How do I obtain funding for my child to participate in a prekindergarten program?

For a child to receive PreK funding through the Milton School District, the child must be three on or before September 1. Additionally, the child must be enrolled in a prequalified PreK program and must also be registered with the Milton School District. Families must be residents of Milton to receive Act 166 funds through the Milton School District.

If a child enters a prequalified prekindergarten program after the beginning of the school year, is the child eligible for publicly funded prekindergarten?

Yes! Act 166 is an entitlement for all age-eligible children. Annual tuition may be prorated to reflect the number of weeks the child is enrolled.

If a child withdraws before the end of the year or moves out of district, does the school have to pay full tuition for that year?

No, annual tuition will be prorated to reflect the number of weeks the child was enrolled and residing within district.

Pre-K Lottery
Entries for the lottery will be accepted between April 1 and April 15 via an online form.